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Project Super Trailer

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right now I'm mocking up locations for the car, ATV, generator and misc stuff. I need to find some lightweight cabinets. The awning turned out to be awesome, better than expected.
Yep, already planning on it, I have about 3ft back there. Just as a reference I measured my old trailer, the trailer axle center line to car axle center line was 39 inches.
Stopped into a Lowe's, they had a sale on Gladiator cabinets and boxes, steel, relatively light weight and on sale, so that solved most of my storage issues.

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Looking really nice! I should have gone with a 22', but I've managed to make 20' work. Not sure if race trailers ever get "finished", as long as we keep coming up with ideas! Two of the tracks that my son and I run here in the NW, allow overnight camping in the pits, so I installed two, fold down beds made up with blankets, and a diesel heater that helps keep the chill away in the morning. A secure steel trailer box houses, battery, break-away battery, and Warn winch. Still have plans for installing an awning and full inside and outside LED lighting, and insulating walls ceiling and floor. Tire rack is easily removable. Car even fits! :)







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Looking great! After every track weekend I tell myself it might be time to trade in the open trailer for enclosed. This gives me a bit of motivation to start looking this offseason.
I have a 24’ fully equipped ready to go…😉

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