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What Did You Sell to Purchase Your Boss?

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2012 PW #2558
Just curious to see if anyone had to sell any of their possessions to obtain the Boss. These are not cheap cars, at least to me. I had an investment grade #'s Matching 70 Chevell SS 396 4spd that I purchased as a long term investment, take to shows, drive sparingly and to just relax and polish.

Problem is I found myself wanting to drive the car more and more and feared would lose value by doing so. BTW - Old muscle cars are a blast to drive.

So.. this past Easter I found myself browsing online and came across an article about the 2012 Boss 302 and knew nothing about it.

(Last and only Mustang I had owned was a 1986 GT w/paxton super charger - Car was a blast - then moved onto 1992 VW GTI 16v - IMO one of the best cars ever produced - so much fun, no gadgets and so well engineered, similar to the Boss)

After much research and some long thinking located exactly what I was searching for, sold the Chevelle and purchased the Boss. Have to say that I feel that i did the right thing for my situation. To me, I now have a rare show/performance car that will be kept as prestine but can and will be driven without the fear and anxiety I once had. I don't pretend that they are the same class of car but just the fact that I can cruise with the A/C on to a show and probalbly not see another Boss is enough. Hey you only live once.

Anyway, please post pictures of what you sold to obtain your Boss and good luck to all.



That is a gorgeous Chevelle. Now if it was a 454 I would have kept it. ;)


2012 PW #2558
Thanks! She is a perfect example, hope the new owner is enjoying her. They got a great car.

If she was an LS6 454 I would have a 2012 BOSS and a 2012 Golf R daily driver. Then I would really be happy. :'(
I sold my 2004 SVT Cobra convertible. It wasn't to pay for the new Boss, it was to make space in the garage. I live in a townhouse and only have a single car garage. I was not going to let the cobra spend the rest of its life outside, so I sold it instead. I had a barn space that a friend was going to rent to me for $50 a month but his house is almost an hour away and at that distance I probably wouldn't have been driving the Cobra that it went, much to my wife's chagrin.
It traded in my wife's 08 BMW 535i that had a Dinan stage 2 tune and exhaust. Loved that car, but didn't drive it much and was scared of the twin turbo engine when the warranty ran out.
06 Evo IX MR and 02 X5 and a couple motorcycles, the Evo is the only one I miss. Other than the looks, that was an awesome car and I would pick up another if I could afford it and the Boss.

I can't find pics, but here is a lap in the Evo on POS street tires. I was checking my tires the day before and they had wires coming out the inner shoulders so I just grabbed the best tires I could find in stock that day at the local tire place. RE050s are garbage.
'96 Porsche 933 Carrera Coupe. Owned it for 5 years, had quite a bit of track time with it....really enjoyed my 993. Wanted to keep it, but no room or time for two "toys", and didn't want a car payment on the new Boss.

Bill Pemberton

0ld Ford Automotive Racing Terror
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Blair, Nebraska
Sold and traded my 2 Spec Miatas, race trailer, and Diesel tow truck. Now I have to drive to the track, but the Boss is so much fun I don't complain much,ha.
Had a 67 Chevy II i sold about 5 years ago and put the money in my slush fund. Also sold a nice 73 Bronco right before i bought the Boss. I would have liked to have kept the Bronco but i only need one toy at a time.
I sold my Z before desiding on the boss but sold my Ram because because I couldnt bring it to Italy. I actually miss them both. The Z mostly because it was completely track prepped.

four-walling said:
That's funny, what the heck were you planning on doing with a Ram Truck in Italy?

They can barely fit a 3 Series BMW on city streets.

Now that I'm here I would like it to scare the shiznit out of these idiot drivers in Fiat's and smart cars. Oh, and dont get me started on the scooters. The size and noise of the HEMI would make them crap their pants. ;D

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