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How-To Tutorials

Post technical articles, tutorials, and DIY tips and "how-to" advice for Mustangs and track days. One topic per article please.

MT -82 transmission cooler setup

Finally got my transmission cooler setup completed. took most of the day making hoses, mounting the pump and wiring up a relay. Used the same toggle switch that the diff cooler is on. Maybe will...

Different Differential Reservoir/Breather and Cooler Installations

I wanted to bring all of these threads together in one central location and post what I'm doing with mine. I've had the Bob's canister installed for over two years and it has been hitting the top...
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My DIY Oil Cooler Install (a few pics)

Seeing as how I am not made of money, I decided to see if I could beat the Ford price on an Air/Oil Cooler.

Here is my story....

This is the heart, a...
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How to remove the clutch assist spring the easy way

I made a video of how to remove the spring using a pair of needle nose vice grips. it is by far the easiest way to remove this spring or reinstall it. I have seen on youtube that it seems ford...

Spark Plug Change

Today I did a spark plug change on my car at 16450 miles. I had to order the plugs (Motorcraft Iridium CFSY-12) at my dealer since I was the first mechanic to ask for them. All of the stock plugs...

S197 Online Work Shop Manuals and Wiring Diagrams

Different Oil Separator Installations

Thinking about getting an oil separator on the passenger side... Was wondering if anyone had any opinions about JLT versus Moroso...The Moroso looks more durable and I like the fact that is has...

AN fitting termination

I figure most of the people here have their own method or methods on how to terminate an AN fitting. But if not and you are wanting to know, here is my method.

How to Prepare for your First Track Day

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Mentally Preparing for a Track Day

An article about mental preparation from my Blog Hope you all enjoy reading.

Flight-Deck to Track​


Balancing Life with Passion for Track Days

TMO Friends -

I created a blog "Track Day Enthusiast" designed to pass along lessons learned on and off the track, share resources, and connect with other track enthusiast. I hope you enjoy...
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S197 spark plug changing in mod motors

SO, cruising around the different sites, it seems like a lot of people are having problems with their mod motors and spark plugs, from the old SOHC 4.6 to the newer DOHC. So.. apparently having...
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How to install GT500/FR500 ABS modules on 2004 and older mustangs

(This writeup is still in progress!!)

How to install, connect to, and bleed 2005-2009 ABS modules on SN95, New Edge, and fox body Mustangs, whether you currently have ABS or not.

I couldn’t find...
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How to bleed 2005+ ABS modules from your garage

This writeup is for bleeding old fluid/air out of your ABS module from your garage.

Parts you will need:
OHP ELMconfig ELM327 - Wiring harness to connect to FORScan and the OBD
FORScan (you...
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Proper Braking on the Track

Just read this article over on NASA, written by Joshua Allan of RaceMentor:

S550 GT350 rear Girodisc installed

It was finally cool enough to hang out in my garage this week so I installed the rear Girodisc rotors on the GT350 last night. Bear with me as I write this up and update it. The disc are one pound...

Not All Michelin Cup 2 Tires are Created Equal - Behind the Scenes of Making Bespoke Tires

Hey guys,

Check out my article where I dive deep in to tire technology and the effort Michelin puts into making bespoke OEM tires for a specific car model. This is written from my experience as...

S550 Verus Diffuser install on GT350

Ok so I got around to doing the install myself and with about 90% typical hand tools it can be done. The diffuser really does need some modifications for the GT350 and if you have the skill set I...
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Forscan Instructions

Not sure where the best place to post this on here is, moderators please put where you feel is most appropriate, or remove if you don't like it. I have tested all of this (except for the sound...

2013 Boss 302 engine removal

Instruction on removing by lifting body. Looking for tutorial videos and/or detailed steps/instructions. Is this method preferred over using a picker ? With all the technology stuffed in engine...

GT500 Rear Caliper Adapters

Hi all,

Just a fair warning this is my first write-up so decided to do it on a topic that is pretty simple and aimed towards the newer guys (like myself) who may be looking for a simple mod...
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Kooks Long Tube Headers Install

hey all, my husband is being a champ and installing my long tube headers in my 2012 Boss. He’s having a lot of issues getting the nuts out to take the old headers off. He’s working on the...

GT350/R AP Brakes

Just finished installing the AP Rear brakes on the R. Fronts were very straightforward, Rears require a bit more work.

First remove the OE rear calipers and rotors, together with the e-brake...
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Boss 302 fog light block offs

i understand the fog light block offs on the 13’s are removable.

Can the 12’s also be removed?

Now This is Cool Tech

With all the gear heads on this forum, this Popular Mechanics article about tech developed (or bought out) by Amazon would be of keen interest to many here. Check this out...

Mishimoto Radiator and Silicone Hoses

I got a great deal on a new Mishimoto radiator (MMRAD-MUS-05) for my '12 Boss and bought it, well because I could. Before I go and replace my stock radiator, I'm looking for some feedback on the...

Intercooler pump relocation

Looking for suggestions of ideas for relocating supercharger intercooler pump location. Have to move for brake cooling hose. Currently pump is on lower left frame rail in front of the wheel...

How to make carbon fiber panels

I get asked all the time about carbon fiber and how to make parts. So I did 2 little videos on the topic. These videos only scratch the surface in the world of composites, but give you a little...

S550 Engine Cut Off

I finally decided on an approach for Master Power cut-off for the S550. To save this post from being over-long, I’ll post in this thread on how I selected the approach and second on the install...

Nitpicked and Possibly NASA ST compliant s197 mustang engine cutoff circuit

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Control Arm Grease

What do you guys recommend for Poly and Delrin bushings? All my arms have grease fittings everywhere.

My Sound Tube Delete "Cheap and Clean"

After searching and reviewing many options to delete the sound tube from my Boss, I finally settled on what I felt was the, must functional, factory looking, reversible and cost effective...
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